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How did we manage as photographers before the advent of Google Maps?


Having been to Hauxley a few times and been impressed by some of the rock features, I wanted to see if there were any bits further down towards Druridge Bay. A quick check on Google Maps showed some interesting looking rock ledges oriented towards the sun, and I was even able to determine that they should be out at high tide.


In the end I was probably an hour away from "perfect" tide timing when I reached the rocks (having probably woken up a family camping nearby - sorry if you are reading this!) but the sunrise put on a decent show so I was happy.


Location can be found here:


EOS 1000D / Sigma 10-20mm / Hitech 0.9 and 0.6 grads

This has to be one of my favorite Google Doodles!!

Google cameraというスマートフォンアプリでは、360°パノラマや、全天球撮影が出来ますが、こちらはそのアプリで9枚の写真を撮って自動合成した超広角画像です。よく見ると橋などに不自然な繋ぎ目が見えますが、なかなか面白い機能だと思います。

Now Google is part of the Austin skyline with 450+ employees and a roof top dog park. Go figure. 20180908AustinDxLr3


Sorry for yet another boring bokeh shot,I guess it is high time I did something different!


Google+ London Photowalk

14 April 2012

At the headquarter of Google in Mountain View, California- Silicon Valley. This bikes are for the Google staff.

Our gift for Google Plus on one year anniversary. See the BTS video, it is cool:

Thanks for all the positive comments on the Google Street View series, and special thanks to Ming-chun who suggested trying HDR, which I've done with this set of images.


The background graffiti blows away a nearby photographer. Riga, Latvia. Original image from Google Street View.

"On my wishlist, can't wait for this photo-technology to be implemented." ~Tomitheos


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On the Road Again - Catch Me IF You Can

Google el gato que lo encuentra todo / Google the cat that finds everything

In January 2010, Google announced that hackers had attacked its site mining its patents and human rights protesters email. They traced the attack back to a technical school, which trains CCP cyber military. Google further opened the rift by announcing they were considering leaving the market. In March, Google has proceeded with its plan.


In June 2011, the Chinese government with their cyber army branch attacked the US administration via spear phishing in gmail, but Google was able to disrupt this attack and published it to the CCP embarassment.


Related Websites:,



APW Gallery, New York City - March 2010

WCA, Emeryville - June 2010

Periscope Cellars, Berkeley - Nov 10, 2010


Painting Size: 5 12" X 12" frames


Paintings for sale:


Art of the Real

The RocketMavericks launch event ended on Saturday with the Android phone launch in James Dougherty's Intimidator-5 with a Cesaroni thermoplastic N4100 motor that screamed up to 28K feet under 1000 lbs of thrust. (awesome video summary of this adventure, the precursor to the formation of Planet)


The Nexus1 phone controlled the onboard video capture. They want to take it to space.... This HTC phone has a better processor than many satellites, and decent sensors and gyros. They already know it works in a vacuum. This test was for the g-forces and temperature cycles of rocketry.


Here is the video it captured, and here with a a cool data overlay


The thermal swirls in this photo reminded me of the resident watercolor artist's renditions.


Oh, and I am reminded of an earlier flickr discussion... Conquering space is an early milestone in the Google Master Plan.


An earlier test brought the phone back to the playa in a ballistic crash. More photos below.

McGill College Avenue, Montreal

At the headquarter of Google in Mountain View, California- Silicon Valley. This bikes are for the Google staff.

I think he was having trouble with his googles

Found a number of exceptionally beautiful landform images in Google Earth. For GIS purposes, Aerial and satellite images can be exaggerated or artifically enhanced color and contrast. But they can be very interesting.


See my Google Earth Set for additional images.

This one is a little old already. We had Google the foster dog over night a little over a week ago. She was very cute, but very yappy. We finally had to let her join the other two in bed with us. From that point on she was fine and no accidents. I am sure the new owners will be thanking us for that.


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...thank you all for your Visits, Comments and Fav's!

Visiting the Google NYC offices with Masto, Scott Bateman, Amy Stephenson, and Erica Johansson.

Google's VIP Boeing 767-200 N2767 arrives at Glasgow (in the rain) after positioning from Edinburgh.


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Google Logo in Building43.


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