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HGGT. By the way, I'm addicted to water droplet shots right now!


I've always hated that my photos look washed out after I upload them. This happens because the color profile of browsers is different than other programs. To fix this:


1>Install Firefox 3

2>type "about:config" in the address bar of Firefox3

3>Click thru confirmation page and find: gfx.color_management.enabled.

4>Double click that until it says "true".

5>Then restart Firefox 3.


This makes the colors of photos match what they look like offline! Thanks to suhasdesale for this tip.



"ONE hot summer’s day a Fox was strolling through an orchard till he came to a bunch of Grapes just ripening on a vine which had been trained over a lofty branch. “Just the things to quench my thirst,” quoth he." (Aesop)


My take on Aesop's fable of the fox and the grapes. Repetition of three and groups of three is used throughout the design in honor of this version of Firefox. This design was produced on Adobe Illustrator, using colors sampled from the Firefox logo; I used a wacom tablet for the drawings. I've followed some very helpful advice and modified my first design; worked a tiny bit on some of the original lines; and modified the gradient to try to better suggest a fiery sunset. If this one is accepted, I'll take down the other if need be, because I do like this one better. I hope that you guys like it too! I'm treating this template as if it represents a tiny shirt since we weren't given any dimensions for the template: The entire graphic would be about 7" x 10".

Beautiful place to get a good view of the ocean.


Note: I noticed that the picture I viewed outside Photoshop is less red than the one viewed in Photoshop. Can someone explain why? Even the one in flickr looks less red. And I also notice the large size (800x536) I uploaded looks different in flickr large size. Not sharp at all. But the one viewed in bighugelab (view on black) looks OK.


OK. I found the answer to my problem. I was using Firefox and apparently, Firefox doesn't recognize color profile. That's why the image rendering in Firefox looks lackluster. Using Safari, the image renders correctly. More info on this can be found at the following:


Firefox3 supports color profile but is disabled by default. To enable it, type about:config at the address bar, go to gfx.color_management.enabled pref and double click to enable color profile. Restart firefox.


View On Black.

The Firefox 3 robot declares victory. Details at Design by Nobox.

Microsoft Windows Vista, Service Pack 2....


Saw a notice on a security site that we could opt to download manually now, or wait for the monthly updates. Well, seems Microsoft couldn't wait, and here it is.


They're also releasing Internet Explorer 8 to Windows XP; not as bad, and the colorspace is actually pretty good, comparable to Firefox3 with the color management enabled. Still sucks at positioning, though.


Patch Tuesday, last Tuesday of the month for "off-cycle" updates... makes me nuts.


UPDATE: after 90 minutes of the above screen (never moved!), I powered it off. Started up again, and it is now installing normally. Don't know if this is an MS issue or a Dell issue (XPS1310).


UPDATE#2: Finished after about 4.5 hours, mostly because the hardware kept stalling out (heat). Have not gone in to look at the changes; saving that "pleasure" for tonight.


Flock 2 Beta (two), powered by Firefox 3, now available at Get it now and explore beyond conventional browsing!

Uploaded with the Flock Browser

Three Distinct Firefox Advantages include the main point, supporting points, and other considerations.

Mitchell Baker, Chairwoman of the Mozilla Foundation, visits with the Mozilla Korea community on the occasion of the launch of Firefox 3.0, June 18th, 2008.

One Surf Board(Browser) can do so many thing.

Firefox 3 prerelease version autocompletes not just URLs but also populates from titles and tags. bonus - "frecency" (frequency + recency algo) determines which previously visited URLs appear first.


Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

Firefox3 is the top world leader for the best innovation, global community, collaboration, knowledge, fun, technology... Three Distinct Firefox Advantages.

Spent some time on my lunch break at the town green snappin' some pix. I didn't intend for this to be my 365 but it turned out okay, maybe better if my shoes were actually clean. haha. I know this is posted late but that's par for the course since I work two jobs and work from 8am to 11pm-ish. Loooong day with not much time to take pix. I have been working nearly seven days a week for awhile now but just switched my schedule around so now I have Sunday's off and don't work on Monday nights. Should be much better and hopefully I'll be more creative with my 365 shots. *fingers crossed*


I am sooooo excited for next week as my bosses are out of town, going to Milan Italy, for a whole week. I'm sure they'll think of things for me to do but should be niiiiiiice and chill. Just like I like it!!! Lots of time to Flickr! And thanks to Jeff the Trojan I got Firefox3 and this really cool Piclens thing....totally cool for surfing Flickr and Youtube! Just have to download it at work now and I'll be set. Woot!

Here's another look with project sites removed. Pictured are domains, sized by sum of visit count of all urls from that domain.

Two foxy foxes footing a frolicsome foxtrot (whew, enough alliteration already!) and having a ball while dancing. I wanted this design to have a deco feel, hence the font (in blue), sharp outlines, and and curvy lines of my little foxes. I hope to suggest that potential users will enjoy dancing to Mozilla's tune. Good luck to all other contestants . . . some truly nice work by many gifted people and plenty of great ideas too! Created in Adobe Illustrator using colors sampled from official logo.( I'm treating this tshirt template as representing a small tshirt since we weren't given the dimensions of the template; this design can be scaled to 10' x 10" since everything here is vector artwork.)

Each circle is a domain, or rev_host, from my Firefox 3 places db sized by total visit count across urls from that domain.


The big 4 circles are Google search, mail, and two of my project sites.

After all the hype around the launch of Firefox 3, I downloaded the software and gave it a try but can't say I've been sold. My preferred browser is still Safari.


What is your stance? Are you sold yet?


If you're the same as me, download and make this your wallpaper to make your voice heard.

Firefox 3 handles UTF-8 urls properly in the location bar.

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