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yesterday we went to Gloucester to help Christopher look for sheltered accommodation now we have an offer on the family home. And I think we have been successful, although we now have a race against time . . .


this is from the moving car along the A40. I think rapeseed gives the landscape a false look of brightness, a bit like a smile that involves the lips only and not the eyes . . .

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Fisheye Shot from False creek lookingt at Science world at sunset


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False Creek is a short inlet in the heart of Vancouver. It separates downtown from the rest of the city. On the right hand side is Telus science world the lit dome. on the left hand side is the B.C. place use as a multi purpose stadium. The development on this area has been on going with the majority works took place for the World exposition in Vancouver in 1986.


I took about 8 shots for this picture and it spans about 150 degrees.

Looks like the building is on fire but it's merely reflections in the glass. Lucca, Italy


Frankfurt / Germany

Heavily HDR'ed photo from False Kiva in mid-afternoon. The best time to be there is after dusk, but I cannot imagine walking back that barely existent trail in the dark, and sleeping there is definitely illegal, though the chances of being caught are unlikely.

7th of a series of 10 shots from False Creek shot on May 13th, 2012. Hope you'll all enjoy this series.


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A building in Minneapolis's North Loop that is significantly shorter than its front wall, leaving several rows of arches open at the top, like a Roman aqueduct.

Duchesnea indica - Indian strawberry or Mock strawberry

Strawberries with no taste


Nova Gorica, Panovec, Slovenia


Obedient Plants are so named because the individual flowers, when they are moved in a new direction, will temporarily stay in that position. Interesting to think about how and why that characteristic evolved...yes? It's Friday, my friends, have a wonderful weekend!

Looking across to the high land at the Blue Lagoon Nature Reserve at Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire

Finally had some free time to go out and shoot some twilight photos in False Creek of course.

This is an amazing place to visit. We sat in one place for nearly 4 hours shooting with the different lighting and waiting for the Milky-way to come into frame.

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As most of you will know, False Creek is one of my favorite sites in Vancouver to Photograph. Here are some from my latest outing in False Creek :)

View across False Creek harbour from Olympic village in Vancouver, BC

Preview of one of the pictures that will be shown at Palais Orlean Art Gallery - exhibition with Harbor Galaxy and Amona Savira, thanks to Morgana Nagorski, gallery owner.

Opening events 6-8PM Saturday 27 May and 10AM -12PM Sunday 28 May


Textures Brenda Starr

Shot with LumiPro


A false awakening is a vivid and convincing dream about awakening from sleep, while the dreamer in reality continues to sleep. The experience is sometimes called a double dream, or a dream within a dream (wikipedia)

3rd of a series of 10 shots from False Creek shot on May 13th, 2012. Hope you'll all enjoy this series.


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This is an older shot from 25 april 2010. it was my second visit at the beautiful False Kiva. Pay attention to the tiny little human on the right side of the cave!!

False Creek

Vancouver, Canada

June 2014.


False Creek I was captured at sunset (previously posted) and False Creek II was captured at the blue hour.


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Taken near Nesjavellir while hunting for aurora borealis. The thin green coloring at the top of the image is actually some, but not enough to make me call this a borealis shot. The "sunset" is ambient light coming from Hveragerði/Selfoss.

This is a very difficult place to find but once you get there you realize how amazing it is!!

this is from our visit to Canyonlands last summer and I've been waiting for a cold winter day to process it. 18mm with a 1.5 cropped sensor isn't wide enough to get this so I stiched 3 shots at -1 exposure for the sky then 3 shots at +1 exposure for the dark foreground then layer masked them together in photoshop.

None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot


Sony A900 + Carl Zeiss 24-70mm + 1 flash with white umbrella


Strobist info: One 1/2 power flash with white umbrella from right (45º)

Flash con paraguas blanco a 1/2 de potencia desde la derecha (45º)


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One more foggy capture. I have to admitt that these two standing stones are two stones the contractor found in the ground when he straightened out a little canal for me. He knocked them down with his excavator in the end of an old fence just for the fun of it. They have been here for three years, not quite prehistoric:-)


We are getting 30 mm of rain today says the weather forecast, so I have a lot to share with those of you that don't view this on black. (See my previous posting.)

I wanted a photo that celebrated the completion of my first year on Flickr. This one fits perfectly.

A client supplied tickets in a luxury box to the Canucks game last week. When I came out there were these great little clouds floating by, illuminated by the city lights. I drove over to south side of False Creek and voila!

Thanks so much, to all my Flickr contacts. Your work and comments have inspired me immensely. :)

False eyelashes really suit some people.

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Waiting for me on the roof of my car in Stirling, NJ.

Cape Town. Southafrica

A trip up by a cable car to Hauser Kaibling plateau from Haus im Ennstal in Planai area. We then took a circular hike around the mountain. The hike with spectacular panoramic views and fabulous blankets of pink Alpenrose spread over the hills on the both sides of the path. False Helleborine or White Hellebore (Veratrum album) was in bloom in abundance along the hike. They provided an attractive foreground specially with spectacular mountain valley at the back. Planai. Shladminger, Styria; Austria.

another after editing in snapseed. made use of tiltshift and all the usual filters... can't leave alone

Abandoned home, central Alberta.

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