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I'm on a mission, perhaps not attainable, to shoot all of the SD70s before they are rebuilt into those wide cab abominations. I'm not sure I'll get it done but we'll see.


Here's one of those spartan cab 70s, of the ex-Conrail variety, pulling mixer 10G into Enola Yard with a cut of Camrail exports fresh out of the GE plant in Erie.


Both of these, the standard cab and the Erie exports are on borrowed time. A two for one!

precious little linguist tootsies

South-East Cameroon, the last January.


Flying to U.S. for work. See you again in one week.

when i told her so, we had a nice chat about it since she was proud to have made it and showed me the features. i asked about the cloth and she said she "brought it from the old country" (cameroon, i think) and it was on bolts of 47+ inches. wish i had gotten her name and given her mine.

Photos taken by Ant Morris during his time in Cameroon

Pictures courtesy of Cameroon's Ministry of Tourism at

Cameroon for Oh My Gacha!

January 10 - January 24

Requires Slink or Maitreya high feet.



Cameroon face mask. Painted with lime to represent the spirit world, this carved face mask of the Bafo people conveys and fierce and powerful presence despite being damaged. Cameroon, late 19th century.

Mount Cameroon (4095m), overhead Douala, Dibamba River estuary (largest of several rivers)

Taken on 08 November 2013 in Cameroon around Mount-Cameroon Day1 Cycling Africa beyond mountains and deserts until Cape Town

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