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Large freestyle-pushed a bit with this one but ran out of time to get the background up to scratch before bailing OS again. Thanks to Stoops for the wall hook and good conversation! The close ups and high res shit will be due out in a book project early next year I believe. Go hard or go home-much love to all my friends pushing me to be my all have a roll to play in this!

Thanks to Graff Central for the pic

Just a snapshot to let you all know that Bug's book is now up for sale. FINALLY. I'm sorry I took so long, I have no excuses really. But here you go.


Thanks so much for all your support and just everything. I owe a lot to my flickr friends!


Oh and, FM me if you live would like one and in the UK and would prefer not to buy from Blurb. :)

Moved to a different location (away from Batman) and finally was able to photograph the book...

I wish you all a wonderful first day of New Year 2011 !

George Orwell. 1946


Nikon D3S+Nikon 60mm ƒ/2.8 Micro-NIKKOR AF+Aputure AL-M9 Amaran

:copyright: Ivan Herrador

Old Wilpena Station Flinders Ranges South Australia

Pour commander le livre, c'est ici


To order the book, click here


Kurdes, de l'ombre à la lumière


Région autonome depuis 2003, le Kurdistan irakien, longtemps en proie à la guerre, est peu connu des occidentaux. À travers un travail inscrit dans la tradition de la photographie humaniste, Emmanuel Smague nous invite à découvrir un peuple chaleureux, au lendemain de son oppression sous le régime de Saddam Hussein. Il nous dévoile ainsi les multiples facettes de cet endroit du monde dont les habitants représentent la première richesse et nous ouvre les yeux sur une humanité réfugiée sur ses propres terres, celles de ses ancêtres. Le témoignage d’Emmanuel Smague renvoie les regards des Kurdes à nos propres indifférences, pour mieux les graver dans nos mémoires.


Parution en septembre 2009

Prix 20 €

Format 20 x 20

Couverture souple


Kurds, from darkness to light


An independent region since 2003, Iraqi Kurdistan, war-torn for many years, is little known among Westerners. Through his work in the humanist photographic tradition, Emmanuel Smague invites us to discover a warm people as it emerges from the oppression of Saddam Hussein’s regime. He reveals to us the many faces of this part of the world where people constitute the main wealth and he opens our eyes to people who are refugees on their own land -- the land of their ancestors. Through Emmanuel Smague’s testimonial, our eyes meet the gaze of the Kurds’ eyes lifting the veil of our indifference and indelibly engraving images deep into our memories.


Publication date: September 2009

Price: 20 €

Format: 20 cms x 20 cms

Soft cover

French language

In the alleyways of the medina in Asilah, Morocco.

In a good book the best is between the lines.


–Swedish Proverb

Wilpena Pound Station

Bookseller in Venice

I am not certain where this one came from today...

hehe :P


**Good luck to everyone going through exams season ;D

Such a lovey book cover! That looks sew like me! OH MY, it IS my book! Pinch me! You will have to wait until October for it though. blogged

KF - String Texture 25, by me.

....the best compilation to enjoy! explore #420 Thanks :)


Please - NO awards, photos, group invites or graphics under my Photos!

Part of an art project of US artist C Palestine in Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam.

Copyright Ian Boulton 2015. All rights reserved

Bokeh Lights - DSC_0172

My thanks to all of you who stop, look and comment. I will be sure to check out your photostream

Lurking behind my family on a walk through Great Barrington, MA.

Happy Fence Friday!

During the Spring of 1916 my grandmother was a student teacher in the small city in Central New York where I was born. This is a photograph out of the notebook she used to write lesson plans. The subject is Geography and the class appeared to be 4th Grade. The date is March 27, 1916. My grandmother never went on to teach. She married my grandfather on July 24th that same year. Seeing as my uncle was born that same October, I'm guessing it was a hurry up marriage!

Passed by this law office's window display many times, and had always catches my eyes, finally this time round, I have my camera with me and I'm in full spate.


Title is intended to be ambiguous and fun, it can mean Follow the rules, go by the book or interpret as

Lady Justice standing by the books.


Aug 14, 2016 - Singapore

.the dust that gathers in the corner of books like crumbling words

Panorama of the library in Stockholm ;)


More at my website.

Suppongo di essere ciò che chiamano un decadente, che ci siano in me, come definizione esteriore del mio spirito, quei tremolii tristi di una stranezza posticcia che incorporano in parole inattese un’anima ansiosa e funambola. Sento che sono così e sono assurdo.

F. Pessoa - Il libro dell'Inquietudine



I guess I'm what they call a decadent, that there are in me, as exterior definition of my spirit, those sad shakes of an oddity incorporating in unexpected words an anxious and acrobat soul. I feel I'm like that and I'm absurd.

F. Pessoa -The Unrest book


troc and soc love our books :x

As storm clouds push east, a coal train struggles up Cedar Hill near Grassy.

Selfportrait 2009/Poem of the orchids/Texture courtesy of irisb477




.S'éveille-telle en lui

Déloge l'homme en lui


Un ange vole

Un ange vole




Se love-t-elle en lui

Furtive elle en lui


Un homme change

Un homme change



Parfait mélange


S'échange -t-il d'aile en elle

Un homme sombre change en elle


Un ange bombe

Un ange blonde



Doux... parfait mélange...


Sexe d'un ange


.(Guesh Patti: Blonde)

.(Peter Greenaway: The Pillow Book)

.(Poem on my back...says: "The most beautiful orchids grow on the bottom of the gorge, the orchids fragrance fills the forest." but I like your interpretations so...go ahead and tell me)


No more pics till Weekend. Tonight I'm heading off to another mountain in CH, this time with my snowboard (night ride).

(a broken leg looks good on Flickr!!!) (very glamour)


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