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Another shot from Lamontzée, Belgium.


Canon 7D - Sigma 10-20mm


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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! ♥☙.•*´¨´¨*•♥


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film, unedited.


Robert Sayerwin and Allison Joseph


I had to add the watermark, because everyone keeps blogging my photo without credit. So, sorry about that.


EDIT: i had to move that watermark to the middle of the photograph so that people can't crop it out when they decide to blog it without credit.

I don't understand what the big deal about adding credit is? People are working twice as hard in order to REMOVE this credit. If this keeps happening, I'm putting this picture on private.

I'd rather make a picture that I'm a little ambivalent about then one I've seen before-

you know what I mean. Have a good one folkies.

Day 063 /366

February 6, 2008

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This version won the most support.

Runner up with one comment is below.


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Canada Day evening. We were supposed to get closer to downtown to watch the fireworks but with the storm front moving in we didn't leave on time to do that. At the end we've decided to just go to the Science Park and watch the show from one of the hills. We caught the end of the sunset, not very spectacular, since the clouds were covering most of the western sky and waited for few minutes before the show has started. The park is located pretty far away from downtown, but we were able to see all of the biggest fireworks that are shot high up. Afterwords I could not resist taking a few shots of the industrial complex at night..

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Have a nice day!


I had a few ideas for Valentines day, but between having a bad cold that won't go away, shoveling snow everyday, and work, i never got around to shooting anything with a Valentines theme. I figured the balloons here make kind of a heart shape, so this will have to do. Have a Happy Valentines Day everyone. Thanks for all the love:)


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Finally uploaded, after days of editing. I don't think I'll ever be happy with it. And it doesnt help that it looks different on different screens. If your monitor is bright enough to see the blue and yellow tones, you see what I see. No doubt I'll probably see it looking awful on someone elses monitor, and I'll run back home to reupload it.


Inspired..... From sitting in my nice cosy warm living room, looking out through the window to the snow. And how I'm aggrivated how snow looks so beautiful and calm and tranquil through my window. But when I step through my door, I feel vulnerable and insecure and very very cold.

Why are things always perceived so differently through something as simple as a window?

More importantly, why is snow cold? It would be so much better if it was warm and cosy.


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After suffering a cold for a week, as well as a leaky bathroom, I feel the need to establish the fact this is real snow.

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I have neglected this space for quite a long time. (the white description box, I mean).

I've also been dragging on the 365 for a long, long, looong time - it's been one year nine months, time to finish it.


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Several days ago at the puddle..

DAY: three hundred fifty-seven / three hundred sixty-five


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Just a drop. . . down near the River Dodder in south Dublin.


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Not every day I can post a quality picture like yesterday my friends, I wish I could but it is not real I think. Today a picture of a colourful tanager, a long time on my wishlist. Yes I do have a wish list of more beautiful birds and I posted around 300 diferent species of birds in Costa Rica until today and counting. There are around 900 species in Costa Rica so a long way to go. At least I know I can enjoy my hobby for many years more if my health stays OK.

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Day 192 of 365 - See the blog at


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Christine appears again in the 365. See also Day 174.



Triggered with Pocket Wizard PLUS and PLUS II units.

Vivitar 285 at 9 o'clock 1/2 power bare bulb with a home made grid

Vivitar 285 at 2 o'clock 1/2 power bare bulb with a home made flag to eliminate lens flare

Alienbees B400 at 4 o'clock high, 1/2 power, with an ebay beauty dish and grid


Strobist Video:

Sorry, no video tonight.

Double post cause I feel quite guilty for the lack of entries in these days.


A few days ago as I was thinking about my Creative September project, and how it showed and taught me so much about me as a person as well as an artist, and even though it was so stressful, I am so glad I did it, I decided to do a ~52 week one. This is my first image. I took this shot yesterday, but I’m uploading it now because I was editing all night last night to the point that I got sick from all the time in front of the computer.


So last week.. I was absolutely out of ideas. The end of the week was coming and everytime I forced myself to think of something.. blank.. nothing. Then on Saturday I was just sitting, trying to not think of anything and looked at my idea journal, maybe there was something in there I could use. But I never opened it, just looked at it, and it hit me. I saw it. I should portray that very moment. The moment of inspiration. The moment when you just let go, surrender to the moment, empty your head out of thoughts, let inspiration in and let ideas come out. Because, as I have experienced it myself many many times, and this is a fact, when you try to force out an idea thinking (and overthinking) you actually chase it away. An abundance of ideas is already inside of us and we just have to get rid of the extra clutter and let them fly out and take their form and place. Open your mind and let inspiration come and do its magic.


Happy New Year!


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Hello there my friends!!! Happy Friday!!! TGIF!! I hope all is well! I am featuring Jian and Bueno today in this new space. My sister is horrified of snakes in SL and RL so I have to warn her about this post! LOL Maybe she won't notice. I have full credits of everyhing on the blog! Thank you so much for the support and I wish everyone a blessed day and weekend ahead! xoxo <333


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Got new wheels on the bike to work scheme. Just as well I did some training in August because I'm going to start biking to work as much as possible now. With the dark nights and cold weather on the way its going to be a challenge but I'm going to give it a good go.


Shot details :- ISO 200, 35mm, 0 ev, f/4, 1/1000

I am back from a 4 days business trip in New York and had chance to shot couple of images.


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Have a nice day!

The Geek Shelter [2]


Photo taken by Miguel Pe

Edited by me


Miguel and I were actually going to study in library but I happened to have my camera on me so we were like "screw the studying".


Okay so I am still like "what the...for real?" when I got back to my apartment late yesterday and saw the spike of growing of daily views appearing on the chart and being featured on Flickr Blog. (Is that so-called explored on front page?)

Thank you very much everyone whom spent their time on checking the selected photo of mine and went on checking my stream! You guys are awesome.

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Brocken, Harz

Explore 02.01.2014

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New Post ♥

Credits Luna Marie Blog

Wow first of all i cant belive i didn't miss it like i always did, 4 years of second life, might not be a veteran, but i defenetly learned a lot, i am very proud of the ppl i meet and still have around its an honor to know you all, and its a pleasure to share my days with you all.

Thank you for 4 years of experience, and 4 years of friendship.

Today, we are celebrating the 146th Birthday of Canada.


Canada Day (French: Fête du Canada) is the national day of Canada, a federal statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the British North America Act, 1867 (today called the Constitution Act, 1867), which united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire. Originally called Dominion Day (French: Le Jour de la Confédération), the holiday was renamed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was passed. Canada Day observances take place throughout Canada as well as among Canadians internationally.


Frequently referred to as "Canada's birthday", particularly in the popular press, the occasion marks the joining of the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada into a federation of four provinces (the Province of Canada being divided, in the process, into Ontario and Quebec) on July 1, 1867. Canada became a kingdom in its own right on that date, but the British parliament and Cabinet kept limited rights of political control over the new country that were shed by stages over the years until the last vestiges were surrendered in 1982, when the Constitution Act patriated the Canadian constitution.




Thanks to Cris Buscaglia for the texture:


Thank you for all your visits, faves and kind comments. Always greatly appreciated.


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Jan 13 013/366

A little playing in the studio tonight.

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In myself, I see no dreams, like unpainted pictures

How many times must I fill this canvas?

I'll abandon time as I hold a white flag overhead

I am your unknown color now

-Colors : [Hikaru Utada]


SOOC. Okay, so I cropped it, can anyone tell the difference?


View On Black


Okay let me explain that I used to listen to a ton of asian music. I didn't know what they were saying, but it isn't much different than screaming, either way I can't tell. Except with Japanese music, the arrangements, the lyrics, the production is all so intricate, American music really doesn't even come close in lyricism or even production value. I think I'll probably be using some of the translations of the stuff I used to listen to a lot in the near future, I had forgotten how beautiful some of it was.


So after calculating just now, I should be on day 123, and this is 116. I'm only a week behind schedule now! I can so do this =]



First day of cycling this year without full gloves. Spring arriving?

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