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First off all, sorry from most of you since I visited your photostream quite late today. I was at hospital, whole day...


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This is what is left of a battery that overlooked the North Atlantic during the Second World War. I guess the Canadian Government have better places to spend money, like the 2 dollar haircuts they provide for the politicians in Ottawa

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Battery Park with the Freedom Tower in the back

Once the lighthouse for Crescent City Harbor in northernmost California, Battery Point Lighthouse was automated in the 1960s and decommissioned in 1982. The light still functions, but for display rather than for navigation. The grounds are now a museum.

Another shot from yesterday morning, this time after the sun rose enough to hit the hills.

© 2009 Steve Kelley


New York City (NYC) Battery & Financial District viewed from Jersey City, NJ with the Hudson River at the bottom.


Single exposure


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We came across an entire civilization capable of powering all of their technology off themselves…. They were literally walking batteries!


Inspired by SHD


I’m starting to delve into the world of brick building now.

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Battery Park is found at the southern most tip of Manhattan Island and it borders the Hudson Harbor where the Hudson River and East River come into one.

Lightroom Split Toning.

One view from The Battery

Battery Park is a lovely waterfront garden and park area. After sailing on a tall ship we had a meal at Battery Gardens Restaurant, sitting under a shady umbrella, enjoying the view over New York Harbour. The Statue of Liberty is in the distance.

Abandoned military bunkers adjacent to the Golden Gate Bridge. This was quite a foggy night, and you could hear the cars, but could not see the bridge!

Also, the strong orange glow is NOT Sunlight, but in fact a bank of Sodium Vapor street lamps in a nearby industrial maintenance yard! It's the fog that diffuses the light and produces the glow you see.

This image is inside an old armory near the golden gate bridge. The camera is on the ground, in the light. I meant to keep the bridge faded, distant. I normally don't like the HDR look. Don't get me wrong, I HDR all the time, but I like to process them more naturally. But in this image, it just seemed far more fitting to add a little character. This was 5 image HDR through Photomatix, then finished in LIghtroom. Note the Winnie the Pooh on the wall to the left of the door. No, I did not draw it, but it finishes the image nicely.

The Winter Garden Atrium was still in the dark after Sandy. They had generators running these huge flood lights. It really worked out for me though.

Richardson's and Welkers Battery on the edge of Cloud Field. This is a reedit of a pic I took in 2012.

Shiloh National Military Park

Shiloh, TN

Have been sat on this for a while as I wasn't sure if it worked with the colour cast left by the 10 Stop ND filter.


Left as (As Shot) white balance, slight crop, small levels and curves adjustment.

Fort Ebey, Whidbey Island, Washington, USA

Battery Point Light is a lighthouse in Crescent City, CA.


*Batteries Not Included.

Located in Crescent City Ca. on HWY 101 about 25 minute drive from the Oregon boarder.

Battery Point Lighthouse is located in Crescent City, California. It opened in 1856 and was automated in 1953. It stands 14M high.

Fort Columbia was built from 1896 to 1904 to support the defense of the Columbia River. The fort was constructed on the Chinook Point promontory because of the unobstructed view. Fort Columbia was declared surplus at the end of World War II and was transferred to the custody of the state of Washington in 1950.

Another shot that I tried this year Clarence Battery Milky Way

Battery Way


Corregidor Island



Battery Hearn - The Americans started setting up Battery Hearn in 1918 and completed work on it in 1921 at a cost of $148,105. This 12-inch seacost west-ranged guns had a maximum range of 29,000 yards and was capable of firing in all directions. It was one of the last major additions to Corregidor's defense system which was intended to defend the island against enemy naval threat from the South China Sea. Battery Hearn had been in action firing towards Cavite from February 1942 and on April 8 and 9, 1942, towards Bataan. This gun emplacement was captured nearly intact by the Japanese when Corregidor fell and it was subsequently repaired by them and put back into action. It was, however, completely neutralized by American aerial bombardment in January and February of 1945.


Corregidor Island



Flying visit to Battery Point lighthouse at midday today to try a daytime long exposure at high tide.


It was busy with sailing boats and the odd cargo ship but manged to capture a couple of quick shots.

Crecent City, CA


Created with Flypaper textures.

Battery Grubbs - Work on this $212,397 battery started from November 1907 and it saw completion early in 1909. It was named in honor of 1st Lieutenant Hayden Y. Grubbs who belonged to the 6th U.S. Infantry and who died during the insurrection in the islands in 1899. Battery Grubbs was armed with two 10-inch guns mounted on disappearing carriages and located well inland in the west central part of Corregidor. This gun emplacement was intended to fire to the northwest. At the start of the Second World War the battery was not originally manned. It was put into active service in early April 1942 but was quickly knocked out of service and subsequently abandoned.


Corregidor Island




49th FP


Explore #26


August 28, 2009


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Battery Pier, Douglas Harbour, Isle of Man

In the depths of Battery Kinzie at Fort Worden in Washington. Fort Worden was one of several Coastal Defense Forts that protected Puget Sound from the late 1890's until after World War II.


Battery Kinzie was active from 1912 to 1944, and was armed with two 12" Guns. It is one of the largest of the Endicott Period Battery's that I've seen, and on the left you can see the rooms that housed the powder and shells. They were built as separate buildings in the depths of the battery, to allow air to flow around the outside of the rooms to keep them dryer.

A night shot of The Battery. St. John's, Newfoundland.

The Battery Weed, on the Staten Island shore guarding the approach to New York Harbor. Once upon a time, it could bring dozens of cannons to bear on any ship that sailed past.


fountains at sunset


Made it to explore:

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