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Family: Andrenidae. Species: Andrena wilkella (Kirby, 1802). (Woburn, MA)

Bees and flowers are a great combination.

"Happy weekend everyone!!!" says the bee ;-))

It was a really cold and wet spring day when I found this Bee fly, so I think due to the cold it was very sluggish and allowed me to carry it over to a nearby flower. This gave a more colorful compo : )

Nikon D500. Sigma 150-600mm Sports lens, 600mm, f/6.3, 1/2500, ISO 1000. View Large.

Same day service ... snapped in our garden minutes ago and now out there in Flickrdome.

Have a great weekend. Our bee got off to a good one :-)

We have a reasonably large clump of lavender in our small garden which is attended by what seems to be just two types of bee which we assume are cuckoo bees.


This one has a much lighter hairy thorax than the other that has a dark almost orange 'coat'


At least that is what our insect book suggests but if we are wrong then please tell us.

We had the first hours without frost and I could see hundreds of bees looking for food at our mahonia.

one from way back in May. This wee fella needed a helping hand as I found found it slowly crossing a road. Not the best place for a bee to be.

A bee collecting pollen from my Fuchsia plant.


Many thanks to all who take the time to view, comment or fav my images.

The bee's colors are quite similar to the color of the aster.

This is one of the leaf cutter bees - female Megachile willuhbiella. It was taking a rest on a bench in my garden.

2015PAD 216/365 (4/8)

Cropped version (losing some of the top of the photo) entered in first PDI competition for 2015-16 season at my camera club achieving a score of 9 1/2 /10

megachilidae. In my garden.


African Carder Bee 5 - 8 mm long.


This name is derived from the fact they collect downy fibres from various plants to make about that!

Hard Worker in the garden.MR.Bee.

Let me know if you know what the flower is called?

Taken at Wolseley Nature Centre

This time more bee than just the behind!

Apis mellifera

colourful bee macro with a non macro lens

I noticed a little bee hanging out on the side of my house and thought I would invite him to Flickr .

We have a reasonably large clump of lavender in our small garden which is attended by what seems to be just two types of bee which we assume are cuckoo bees.


At least that is what our insect book suggests but if we are wrong then please tell us.

A bee gathering pollen in my garden last summer.


I have now removed all my photographs from the Creative Commons

Attribute Sharealike licence as I am unhappy with the way it has worked out.


All my photographs have been relicensed with full copyright to

me and All Rights Reserved.


Bloggers are welcome to use this photo provided they put in a link to my site.


There were hordes of bees sucking up the pollen from the geraniums in my garden in the afternoon sunshine.

This handheld shot was taken with a 36mm Kenko extension tube attached to my 100mm macro lens. The shot was then cropped, clarified and given a dose of noise removal in Lightroom.


it was taken at ISO4000, f9 and 1.1600 sec. That might seem like very high ISO, but the depth of field and speed is necessary for this type of shot.

Zur Zeit sind die Bienen sehr fleißig. Es ist interessant ihnen bei der Arbeit zuzuschauen, aber schwierig sie zu fortografieren. Leider haben sie die Eigenart nicht still sitzen zu bleiben ;-).

At present the bees are very diligent. It is interesting to watch them at work, but difficult to make a photo. Unfortunately they do not sit still ;-).

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I like the focus on the bee, that is what I was going for! Came out alright :)

Hope you guys like this shot!


Enjoy on Black.


...[ Camera ] ... Canon 400D

...[ Lens ] ... Sigma APO 70-300mm (With Macro) f/4-f/5.6 @ 300mm

...[ Settings ] ... 0.005" @ f/5.6, ISO 100.

...[ Editing ] ... 1 RAW file, tweaked in LR3.


...[ Portfolio ]...[ Fluidr ]...[ Olly's Flickr ]...

Does my bum look too big?

This guy was working our back yard this morning.

This Bumble Bee needed something sweet and was very lethargic, so I gave it some sugary water and then carefully placed it amongst flowers that it likes. Fingers crossed my little good deed helped it on it's way.


Life is most definitely about the little things! :-))


ID suggestions welcomed.


Happy Beautiful Bug Butt Thursday for tomorrow my flickr friends and thank you in advance for your kind views, faves and comments. :-))))))


Come in busy twos and threes

Humming over!

All without a theory

Quite successfully, you see;

Little priests that wed the flowers,

Little preachers in their way,

Through the sunny working day

With their quite unconscious powers

How they say their simple say.

Louisa Sarah Bevington


Crimson and Clover - Tommy James & The Shondells


5. Bee submitted to 100 pictures

A bee on a flower. Taken with my Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 VR, believe it or not. So, no super-expensive ultra-macro lens here. ;)


© - Svajen - All Copyrights Reserved.


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