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البروجكت من فكرة جميلتي نوف القوبع()



A sunday morning trip into the archives...


From an early morning venture back in the autumn - wasn't gonna upload this because of the movement in the reeds... however no new material, so beggars can't be choosers ;-)


Bigger steps (recommended if you can spare the time)



I just took this from my bedroom's window, with my new camera. :-) The First Photo of this New Year 2011.

Very first self portrait. Aaron and Avery for the action!

#9 on Feb 15, 2013 Thank You Very Much Everyone!!


Something simple for a change.

Just a droplet on a green leaf, on a green background.


Wish you a nice day wherever you are in the world...!/NorahAbdulaziz


ثاني محاولة محاكاة

الأرضيه قطن

والثلج فلين

والخلفيه قماش

والسحب بالفوتوشوب

أحس ناقصها شي بس مدري وشو ><"


This my first shot of the new year, fantastic day,clouds light and colour.This shot is from the top of my village Terra,and happy new year to all of you again:-)))

This is my thousandth image on Flickr.

Thanks to All my contacts and visitors for the views and comments~!~

-from my Sink Series.

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Here's a link to some of my images that flickr finds Interesting:


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Prince Iam & Princess Sadakos


(I am proud to be Friend with U 2... lovely persons)


Texturas. Oleo.


1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. Untitled, 4. Caminantes., 5. Mùsicos urbanos., 6. el hombre y la naturaleza.




Hace ilusiòn.

Gracias a tod@s


Thank you all friends for kind visit.


La Toba , Guadalajara Casilla la Mancha / Spain

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Lens : Canon EF 18-55 mm



...nom commun * Tabac d'Espagne * sur chardons des marais

-femelle un peu plus grande , plus pâle, brunâtre à gris vert

dessous des ailes postérieures verdâtre à cuivré avec bande argentée et , au bord antérieur ,2 tries argentées

Envergure : 65-80 mm

Au Col de la Charbonnière (ALsace)

السلام عليكم

كيف حالكم ؟

المهم ، الواحد مع الطفش تجيه افكار وكذا

وقعدت احوس بالالوان واليدين وجتني فكره


كل يومين او كل يوم بنزل صورة ان شاءالله

عشان ما اطفش ولا تطفشون

<- لو كانت الصور كثيره يعني ،للحين مدري كم عددهم


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Iceland's main road. And yeah, no streetlights! The frequency of cars here is very low: according to Lonely Planet, less than 1 per hour (outside of Reykjavík, that is).

It felt a little bit strange while I was there; the quietness and loneliness of the country. But I must say that I really miss it now. Who knows, maybe I'll end up living here one day, never stuck in traffic jams :)


| 1 sec | f/22 | 10mm | LEE GND 0.9 |


There is a hell, believe me I've seen it.


I was walking home after my guitar lesson and i saw the most beautiful sky ever. Luckily, my camera was with me.



I'm starting the 52 weeks project.

Press ''L'' :)


Plantation de peupliers en vallée de Garonne

I cried out with no reply and

I can't feel You by my side

So I'll hold tight to what I know

You're here and I'm never alone.


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thanks a lot all of you for your comments

An old Japanese legend said that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes

so pleases the gods, the folder is granted a wish...


it begins, with just one.

Lake Michigan @ Arcadia Beach

Arcadia, Michigan

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