20121219 Picacho Peak
On December 18th I camped out in the eastern deserts of Imperial County with Mary and Kerry. We spent the night under the stars in Ninemile Wash a few miles north of Hwy 78 with a fine campfire and great Carne Asada for dinner. It was windy and raining lightly when we first got out there and just after sunset the sky quickly cleared and the wind settled down.

Next morning we drove Hwy 78 east to Ogilby Road and then we slipped into 4x4 country for the rest of the day. We went east on Hyduke Mine Road and up a side wash to the base of Picacho Peak where we did a three mile hike around the base of the peak. Then back to Hyduke and east to Picacho Road. North to Picacho Sate Park then west up Indian Pass back to Ogilby Road and home.
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