CISRI INT Group-Metallurgical engineering & equipments
1. intially founded in 1953
2. international business in exportaion and importation:
♥Sputtering Targets
♥Special Steel
♥Amorphous Materials
♥Super Alloy
Metallurgical Engineering & Equipment
♥Refractory Metal and Ceramics Products
♥Metal Component/Part
Component/Part Made by Other ♥Ultrafine Atomized Alloy Powders
♥Porous Metal Filters
♥Welding Consumables
♥Biomedical Materials
♥Magnetic Materials
♥Turn Key Projects of Filtration,Separation, Purification & Gas Distribution System
3.CISRI group structure
---a stated-owned cooperation with 12 holding companies and 12 national centers and institutions
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