Cycling Switzerland
The Swiss mountains are beautiful for a bike ride. I started in Basel and ended up one week later in Geneva, a trip of nearly 500 km.

The north east is beautiful but also wild and mountainous. I took the route number 3, 5, 9 and 2 all the way to Chur where I followed the mighty Rhine river to its sources near Disentis. I then took the train to Brig as the Furka and the Oberalp Passes were closed because of snow.

In Brig I joined the Rhône Route number 1 to Geneva. These is a flat and easy road through a beautiful green valley full of villages and towns with on both sides the peaks of the great snowy Alps.

The trip was physically demanding but doable. Good preparation is required to negociate the late april cold.

I biked with just 10 kilo including tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes, a cooking set and few addresses of some great Swiss people who offered me their hospitality I enjoyed so much.

Thank you all.

H. Amouch (cc) 2012
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