Color Classic Clear Case by Apple
Color Classic Clear Case by Apple
Code Name: Slice Prototype

This photo set used by permission (Maple Ridge Auction) was granted by Paul Jensen.

The Winning bid: US $4,999.99
Ended: Jun-09-06 18:00:00 PDT
Winning bidder: headneck01

Description from eBay auction:
Beyond Rare Clear Cased Prototype Macintosh 'Slice' (Code Name) Color Classic Computer. Circa 1991-1992. This is not your average Macintosh Color Classic! It is a prototype EVT (Engineering Verification Test) with a clear case. The clear case was used to check for clearance of internal components (to make sure everything fits just right, etc). I've been told there were approx. 6 of these made; that they were generally destroyed or on the rare occasion given to favored employees. The computer is in good working order. The only issue I've found is that it appears to have no sound (could be something unhooked internally, haven't tried troubleshooting the issue as it didn't bother me). I note that the screen has a little burn in, but nothing too bad. Interesting things I've noted with the computer: the crt has an 'Engineering Sample' tag on it, the microphone pcb has 'The Hook / Slice Microphone' printed on it, & the monitor control board has 'Slice EVT2' printed on it. The computer has 10mb ram & a 40mb hard drive. There is a scsi port on the back & so you could use an external cd drive, zip drive, etc (none of which are included). I am including a power cable, standard ADB mouse, & standard ADB keyboard with cable.
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