Malaysia National Dancesport Championship 2011
This is the first time that MYDF conducts a National Ranking in Muar Johor. We have a new MYDF Malaysian Champion in Latin American. Congratulation to Chua Czen Fong and Evon Chong. Anthony Chua and Anita took the Standard trophy.
As reagards the pictures that i took, I have reduced the pixel to low and dpi to 200. If you want to lift them to use it in your face book, by all means you are welcome to do so. The pictures are meant for you.
In my speech I touch on what it means to be an MYDF members and the importance of sportsmanship. That is to be honest, treat your fellow competitor with respect and have the spirit of friendship with you.
All of you know that the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Challenge trophy now goes to Chua and Evon, and it is my hope that the previous champion who is holding the trophy returns it. They are no longer the champion for this Championship. To hold it any longer is not only unsporting but plain dishonest!
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