Alvin Lucifer at Freud's Bathhouse & Diner
November 26 2010.

Alvin Lucifer
Brian Joseph Davis + Steven Kado (ON)
A performative Installation

Freud’s Bathhouse & Diner
...12:00 noon – 6:06:06 p.m.

A performative installation based on the early minimalist composer Alvin Lucier’s 1977 piece, Music on a Long Thin Wire. This piece is a twisted and manipulated take on Lucier’s work with a Lovecraftian influence and some contemporary doom-rock thrown in for good measure. Come down to Freud’s for an immersive afternoon drone break and take in this heavy revamping of a quintessential 20th century minimalist work (with a twist).

This drone communication—between cultures, eras and dimensions—will last 6 hours, 6 minutes and 6 seconds.

Brian Joseph Davis is a sound artist and writer based in Toronto. Four years of Davis’ work was recently collected on the Blocks Recording Club release The Definitive Host. He's written for Arthur Magazine, and is the author of Portable Altamont (Coach House, 2005) and I,Tania (ECW 2008) which declared “the book of your fever dreams.” L.A. Weekly recently wrote, “Davis has an amazing head for aural experiments—creating expansive compositions out of found sounds and computer manipulations—that are smart on paper and fascinating in execution.” He’s performed his compositions across North America, most recently at Issue Project Room in New York, and as part of numerous group shows and solo exhibitions including the Yesterduh solo exhibit at Mercer Union; a work Salon deemed “Oddly haunting.”

Steve Kado was born in North York in the early part of 1980. He has endured life in many touring bands. Recent work includes The Singing Tower (Department of Safety, Anacortes, WA), a volume of Amy C Lam's "My Topics" subscription series of books (Toronto) and The Singing Tower II: Not Retarded Just Half White (A402, Valencia, CA). He holds an MFA from CalArts and currently resides in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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