Lance Morel
Sometime after 3am on October 12, 2006, Lance Morel and his friend, Karrie Shavers, were coming home from a bar in Ventress, LA.

Karrie, driving, ran off the road and over-corrected; resulting in a terrible accident. Karrie was seriously injured and Lance was killed - he would have turned 27 on the 15th of October; just three days after the accident and one day after we buried him.

These are the photos I put together for a picture slide show and memorial that was played at his funeral on October 14 in New Roads, LA.

I called him Guitar Rockstar on my blog and he will always be so to me. We miss you, Lance.

Lance Corey Morel
Oct 15, 1979 - Oct 12, 2006

Please visit the memorial page I created for Lance: Lance Morel (the song playing was written and performed by Lance himself).
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