Vintage '90s rave flyers
These are from the unstoppable parade of parties (and some regular club nights) in '91, '92 and '93 in SF -- the early golden years.

If you like trippy graphics, we gots it. If you dig random one-syllable parties (Church, School, Work, House, Life, Treat, Juice, Shine, Milk, Lift, Shock, Spam, Tang, Splash, Trash, Wish, Soul, Fudge, Raw), we gots it. If your thing is dumb wordplay (Come-Unity, Imagi-Nation, Know Escape, Feel-X, Field Trip), by jove, we gots it. If you get wet for cool shape cutouts, hell yeah, we gots it. We gots four-fold glossies and we gots underground photocopies. We gots Sharon, for sure, and we gots Wicked and Toontown.

I have extras of some of these, so drop me a line and tell me what number you're interested in and I'll see if I have it. Don't be angry about the extras; most I culled from coffeeshops after the parties went off. Tho a couple of my favorites, well, I might have taken more than my share in advance. I also have larger-rez scans if you want 'em. *Note: I am now living out of the U.S., so it may take a bit for me to contact the keeper and get them to you.

They're numbered in no particular order, but the "b" indicates the back, "i" indicates the inside of a folded flier, "a" is for an alternate style for the same party, other letters mean it was a multi-fold or booklet type.

And I'll send you a bonus prize if you can correctly count how many times Jeno and Garth show up. =P
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