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Yellow Garden Spider | by GollyGforce - Living My Worst Nightmare
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Yellow Garden Spider

Yellow Garden Spiders are from the Argiope genus and a local throughout the United States of America. Commonly found throughout garden areas and woodlands, the spider is easily identifiable by the distinctive yellow and black coloring found on the abdomen. The legs are equally noticeable by the alternating bands of orange and black on the legs, though this pattern may vary from spider to spider.


Webs produced by the Yellow Garden Spider is also distinct as sometimes having a zig-zag type pattern down the middle of their webs, reportedly produced by a nearby male. Their webs are built as a spiral that builds out from the center.


Females measure in larger than the males, coming in between 19mm to 28mm whilst males are roughly between 5mm and 8mm. Besides being smaller, males do not promote their colors as such, and might appear a shade or two paler in the process.


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Taken on July 21, 2010