Glow Part I: Light Festival 2012
GLOW Part I: A Festival of Light
Imagine this:

A black lit three story building electrified with glow in the dark dances, LED light shows, radiating barrels of gleaming lentils, illuminating highlighter tattoos, and other glowing goodies flowing through the air like fireflies.

Bring your imagination to life at the MAH’s Fire Art Festival “GLOW,” a mind dazzling evening of lights, art, performances, and glow in the dark activities that will turn the MAH into an eye-candy mansion.

Equipped with lit winged costumes, Divine Particles Vision will perform an electric hybrid of sound and light, The Hoopalights will illuminate the museum with LED hoop dancing. Other museum luminaries
include glowing interactive digital art from Tim Thompson’s space palette, Dustin Raphael’s experiment in visual motion, Catarina Hosler’s neon sculptures, Sudhu Tewari’s LED light mobile masterpiece, and Kristin Neidlinger’s wearable glow art. And if you want to enjoy the flames from afar, relax on our couches and watch fire art videos such as Heidi Cramer’s burning stairs or Frank Foreman’s burning fire hydrants.

Get your taste buds all fired up with India Joze‘s popcorn. For the experimental visitors, a blacklight activity room will be filled with light painting, glowing makeovers, drawing with light, glowing jewelry making and art installations. Come discover the science behind why things glow with the UCSC’s Chemistry Department’s demonstrations in the classroom from 7:30-8:30PM.

So come enjoy the show. Come GLOW!

In partnership with Steve Cooper, Drew Detweiler and Ron Slack.
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