Mobile Developer Summit 2012
The mobile ecosystem is under constant metamorphosis with new strategies and technologies ushering in even greater and exciting times for developers in 2012 and beyond. Vendors are pooling their strategies around their existing products and streamlining their OS around a leaner, meaner device lineup, with cloud playing an increasing role than ever before. HTML5 is growing in popularity and a number of cross-platform development tools based on HTML5 code authoring is providing new impetus to the mobile web of today. Homespun by Saltmarch Media, the third edition of the annual Mobile Developer Summit (MDS), India's biggest multi-platform conference for mobile developers, addressed all these and more.

In its third year, Mobile Developer Summit is the industry's first of-its-kind premier event that brings together thought leaders and experts from different aspects of the mobile ecosystem to share their passion, experience, grit and learning to mobile/web application developers and technologists, allowing for creative solutions to be generated, insider information to be found and personal contacts to be made, all essential ingredients to innovation and business

Cutting-edge topics, luminary speakers, over 2000 talented delegates, industry players as sponsors, and the definitive summit for India's mobile developer ecosystem - Mobile Developer Summit (MDS) Season III concluded on 10 October 2012. More info:
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