San Francisco Municipal Railway
On our trips to San Francisco I was amazed at the restored streetcars painted like Lines from around the U.S. and abroad. Along with the world famous Cable Cars, the restored streetcars make up the S.F. Municipal Railway, a part of the S.F. Muni Transportation system.
The Cable Car Museum was surprisingly interesting with the huge machines that power the cables that run under the streets and history of the system. Each cable system has a single continuous cable running under the street. The cable is always moving. When a car wants to move, it "grabs" the cable and goes. To stop it let's go of the cable and the wooden brakes stop the car.
Back in the mid 80's, a school chum and his family found work restoring the beloved Cable Cars, later they started a company manufacturing cable car buses, a touring buss on wheels that looks just like a S.F. cable car.
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