Gregory's Girl then and now.
This is one of my favorite films of all time so I decided to track down the locations used for filming and do a past present project using stills from the film.

All the locations are in Cumbernauld near Glasgow and if the film has aged slightly the town has aged a lot in places.

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I have just posted these as a video on Youtube;

*UPDATE 12/6/14*

With the high school used for the film set to close and be demolished I realised this would be my last chance to get the shots of the locations used inside the school. The last 31 pictures are all inside locations.

*UPDATE 5/7/14*

I was granted access on the 4th to take some more pictures inside the school. I had free run of the buildings and I was amazed at how much was left for the demolition.

*UPDATE 15/7/14*

Updates coming thick and fast, just added the clock and Gregory's house to the list of visited locations.

Also, get yourself over to We love Gregory's girl @gregorysgirldoc on twitter to follow the progress of our film.
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