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Smaller cub walks towards me 20111125 | by Kenneth Cole Schneider
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Smaller cub walks towards me 20111125

Since FLICKR displays the newest shots first, this narrative actually begins 16 photos behind the first Bobcat image.


We got out early this morning,about 15 minutes before sunrise. When we stopped to check out the usual spot for Bobcats, we immediately saw three, far ahead to the south on the levee path. Mary Lou left me to continue her walk, as I stalked closer to the cats, keeping to the high grass near the edge of the canal, on the left. To my advantage, there was a slight SW breeze in my face. At first the cubs appeared to be playing, but they eventually moved into the brush on the left side of the path while the adult kept watch over them with her back to me. I would walk a few steps and then take a shot. Since the power of my 420 mm lens system is equivalent to 8X, each step brought me (optically) about 16 feet steps nearer to the cats. I reached a point about 40 yards from the adult, then moved out into the path to get a clear shot. She was intent on watching the cubs, so I moved a bit nearer. Suddenly she turned and saw me. She stood up and then walked diagonally in my direction before rather purposefully disappearing into the brush while continuing towards me. A House Wren began chattering near her position. Then I heard the wren, or another, begin scolding more to my right. In the meantime, the larger cub had emerged and was sitting on the path just staring in my direction. It finally began to look alarmed and ran off into the high grasses to the right. Meanwhile, the chattering of the wren started coming from just alongside me, then moved a bit behind me to my right. I assumed it meant that the parent Bobcat was checking me out, but I could not see or hear any sign of her. The second, smaller of the two cubs, startled me by walking out only about 25-30 feet in front of me. At first it walked slowly towards me. Then it seemed to be looking past me. I couldn't stand the suspense, so I turned my head to see if the mother had moved on to the path behind me, but I did not see it. My movement scared the cub and it ran off. Visit

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Taken on November 25, 2011