Papercrete Construction
Papercrete (aka fibrous cement) today is being rediscovered as a "new" alternative green building material. Papercrete has been termed by some as a "modern day adobe." Papercrete can be made into blocks or poured into forms to make a monolithic wall. The material is homemade and consists of paper (3 parts), clay/dirt and sand (2 parts), and Portland cement (1 part). The paper used can be almost anything; newspaper, junk mail, cardboard, etc. Sand or sandy dirt is usually found on site. One way to recycle paper is to build with it. INSULATION VALUE - up to R-2.8 per inch, depending on density and ingredients (comparable to fiberglass at R-3.0 per inch). LIGHTWEIGHT - most papercrete weighs 15 to 20 lbs. per cubic foot, depending on density and mix. (Concrete weighs137 lbs per cubic foot.) Almost anyone can lift and build with papercrete blocks. After construction is complete and the walls are dry, the exterior needs to be sealed. A papercrete stucco mix can be applied and then painted.
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