Demantling of the 'Fairfield' Titan Crane, Govan, Glasgow
Photos of the dismantling of the 'Fairfield' hammerhead cantilever crane at BAE Systems shipyard on the river Clyde, Govan, Glasgow, Scotland. The crane is being removed due to the expansion of the yard for the shipyards contract for aircraft carriers.

This hammerhead cantilever crane was one of only 15 left in the world, 5 were on the river Clyde; now there are only 4.

The others can be located at:

The Stobcross Crane (more commenly known as The Finnieston Crane), Stobcross Quay, (bottom of Finnieston Street), Glasgow

The Barcley Curle Crane, Diesel Quay, South Street, Glasgow

The Titan Crane, John Brown Shipyard, Clydebank

The James Watt Crane, James Watt Dock, Greenock, Inverclyde.

All photographs are included in the 'Glasgow Collection'
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