scattered images
Constructs, joiners, composites, scattered images ... explore multiple moments in time and the manipulation of space and perspective ...

In 1987 (or so) I recall seeing a poster of David Hockney's "The Desk". It was an image that left an indelible imprint on my mind and my work. Now, many years later I have started to experiment with a similar concept in a digital world.

A few people have asked me how I create these images. Also, some people have assumed that I use one photograph and use the selection tool in photoshop to make smaller selections and paste them together to form the image. Well, that's not how it works ... not always.

The execution and construction of these "scattered images" is very simple (although time consuming) and no real secret. It's the planning and ability to visualise the scene that's difficult.

Basically, take many photos of the scene you have in mind. Make sure the separate shots all overlap ... then take a few more just in case. Some of my images may have as little as 9 images - others almost 300. Sometimes 4.5gb of RAM is just not enough.

Then, using photo editing software that allows the use of layers, create a large new canvas and then copy and paste each image onto a new layer. Then it's up to you to make each image fit (or not) as you like. Layer effects like drop shadows can be applied to give more separation between images.

All of my scattered images are made up of multiple photos. However, on occasion, when I have felt that I didn't take enough photos of a scene, I have made smaller selections of parts of the photos and then constructed the composite image.

So basically it's like putting together a photocollage of printed photos, but digitally. Probably harder to do than constructing these images physically, but easier to reproduce.

This idea is obviously not new and clearly inspired by David Hockney's work with polaroid & photo collages. Picasso and Duchamp amongst other Cubists are also influences and sources of inspiration.

Some of my images from this set are also at redbubble
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