How to Make Glass Tile Pendants
I'm shocked that I have to say this, but this tutorial is in no way an invitation to take my photos and use them to make necklaces, even for your own personal use. Please do not use my images to make these, thank you!

In just 16 way easy steps (actually less, I'm snap happy) you to can be the DIY King or Queen of whatever, who knows. Instructions are in the description of each photo, I hope it's helpful!

As I learn more/improve (which as crafters we're always doing, right? ;3) I will update it with more info as it happens.

EDIT 1 - 11/13/08: Added sealing and revised bails sections.

I've also included photos of my completed demo creations at the end so you can see how they turned out.

EDIT 2 - 06/25/10: Added section about decorative backs and sealing pendants.

NOTE: Read the Tutorial in Full on the Zombuki site!
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