Exhibition: May 4 to June 8, 2007

Opening Reception: Friday, May 4 - 7 to Midnight – $8 admission
feat. performers:
Grace Kulp
Right Eye Rita

Closing Reception: Friday June 8 – 7 to Midnight

EXCESStential STYLE at Reversible Eye is a show of unreasonable, outrageous, and extreme costume and fashion. Interspersed between the costumes and made-to-wear-sculptures displayed on mannequins and live models, we are showcasing fashion photography that merges the worlds of fashion, spectacle and art. We have chosen artists from Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. The unifying thread for all of these artists is an exploration of fantasy worlds and surreal storytelling, with a prevailing interest in creating new realities and breaking the bonds of reason and utility. EXCESStential STYLE has brought together artists that reach beyond the ordinary and into the realms of an absurd and unconscionable existence.

Artists shown are Tara Tatangelo, Delia Tei, Jason Fail, Pandora, Andrea Jeblonski, Kate, Elena Brocade
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