Rudimentary Perfection- Opens 1st Jul 7-10pm- runs till 31st July
On 1st of July 2011, Scotland's Recoat Gallery opened the UK's first comprehensive "Graffuturism" Exhibition titled "Rudimentary Perfection". The exhibition pulls together an impressive group of notable international artists linked by their innovative spirit and shared graffiti heritage. The project has been heralded as one of the finest of its kind to take place anywhere in the world this year.

The participating artists include SheOne, Duncan Jago, Jaybo Monk, Matt W. Moore, Augustine Kofie, Nawer, Morten Andersen, Poesia, Derm, and Mark Lyken.

Aswell as the exhibition each of the artisists travelled to Glasgow and painted a mural at sites across the city. You can visit the sites using this map-

You can view and read more at the blog-

A short film has also been created, it will be screened at an event at Recoat on Sunday 17th July-

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors and suppporters.
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