Lampedusa in Hamburg II
Hamburg, Germany 2013/11/02 - Far more than 10.000 people took to the street in solidarity with the "Lampedusa in Hamburg" refugee-group and in demand for a humanitarian solution in their struggle to stay in Hamburg and not get deported to Italy. The protesters urged the Senate of Hamburg to apply §23, which enforces a legal right to stay and a permission to work.

The "Lampedusa in Hamburg" group of refugees mainly consists of Africans who legally worked in Libya before the civil war and NATO engagement. When fighting errupted they tried to save their lifes by sailing over the Mediterranean were those who survived were detentioned in Lampedusa Island in Italy. Italien authorities, not willing to give adequat and acceptable support, told the refugees to travel north and gave them tickets and some money.

Around 300 of them, got stranded in Hamburg.
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