Water Photo Contest Livelihoods and Sustainability Category Winner
In 2010, The Royal Anthropological Institute's Education Outreach Programme launched an international photo contest called The Meaning of Water.

The aims of the contest were to:
•promote public engagement with the RAI’s Education Outreach Programme
•provide a platform for young people to share their work and actively get involved with anthropology
•to explore human relationships with water and explore topical debates regarding issues of access, management and sustainability.

The contest was open to anyone with an interest in photography and anthropology excluding professional photographers.

The contest consisted of four categories:
1) Livelihoods and Sustainability
2) Trade and Transport
3) Management and Access
4) Religion and Spirituality

The RAI received over 200 submissions from 20 countries around the world. The contest was organised by Nafisa Fera and submissions were assessed by a panel of anthropologists and visual ethnographers.

The short-listed submissions have been published here.
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