Variety on 90
Route '90 Vaughan' has been serviced by many types of buses over the years. Most of the time, it has been serviced by GMs, but there were times when vehicles other than GMs have serviced 90. Even though they are not present in this set, the 73xx D40LF series have served 90 for a bit when they were brand new, as well as Flyer and New Flyer high floors, and GM/MCI Classics. The variety that has appeared on 90 is also due to the fact that it is designated as a driver recertification route. Drivers requiring such a recertification may come from any of the divisions, and they bring a long one of the buses from that division and service 90. Driver recertification usually occurs during midday service, but there was a time when it was done during afternoon rush on Fridays (if I'm not mistaken). This set contains a select photos that I've taken that showcase the variety that has appeared on 90 since 2006.

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