TTC 2009 Orion 07.501 "VII" NG HEV #1700-#1829
This section contains some photos of TTC's 2009 hybrid electric Orion 07.501 "VII" Next Generation (NG) fleet. This batch of Orion VII NG HEVs is numbered 1700-1829. Just like the previous NG order, they are equipped with a Cummins ISB engine, and a BAE HybriDrive system. However, there are quite a number of notable differences on this batch of NGs compared to the previous two batches. These NGs feature Lithium-Ion batteries, instead of the SLA batteries which all previous Orion VII/NG hybrids have except 1685-1689. These batteries are significantly lighter than the previous batteries, and its casing is much for streamline than the previous battery casing. Other differences include an LED backlit run number box, two stop request signs, similar to the Orion VIIs (7400-8000), all yellow stanchions (with an exception of a few "cross bars"), slightly different exterior design near the driver's window, an extra triangular vent above the engine grill on the driver side, an additional piece of metal/material surrounding the top of the exhaust pipe, higher battery voltage, and different setup of the front interior lights to further reduce glare at night. As well, there is a slight difference in the sound of the engine as the bus decelerates, though it is not known why this is so. These buses are split between Wilson and Malvern divisions. These buses were delivered with bike racks, driver's shields, and have seats with padded bottom inserts.

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