TTC 1975-1982 GMDD T6H-5307N "New Look" - #2000-#2110, #2150-#2155, #2600-#2619
The GM T6H-5307Ns (New Looks) were and are still the backbone of the TTC, though they are slowly getting replaced by the new Orion VIIs. Many of these buses continue to serve Toronto daily, and many of them are out on full day service despite their age. All these buses are numbered in the 2000s series and range from 1975-1982. This section contains photos of newlooks 2000-2110, 2150-2155, and 2600-2619 (1975-1982). In the 2000-2110 series, all 111 buses have been retired, the last being 2017. All buses in the 2150-2155 series and 2600-2619 series have been retired. All these buses have a Detroit Diesel Series 6V71N engine with Allison V730 transmission. All have been rebuilt between 1997-2000. The one bus left in service in this series is allocated to Malvern Division.

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