TTC 1996 Orion 05.501 "V" ex-CNG - #9400-#9449
This section contains some photos of TTC's 1996 diesel (ex-CNG) Orion 05.501 "V" fleet. This batch of Orion Vs is numbered 9400-9449. Originally, they were equipped with a Cummins L10-280G engine, and an Allison World B400R 5-speed transmission, and were powered by Clean Natural Gas (CNG). When this batch of Orion Vs went through their mid-life rebuilds, they also got converted to run on diesel fuel, which eliminated the CNG tank on the roofs of these buses. Currently, they are equipped with a Cummins M11 engine, but still keep the same transmission, an Allison World B400R 5-speed transmission. All of these buses are based out of Wilson Division. 9400 and 9402 were the first ones to be converted to diesels, but 9408 was the first one to be rebuilt and converted to diesel. All of these rebuilt Orion Vs (excluding 9439) have received new relocated black front fleet numbers, in order for them to be visible because of the bike racks, which this batch of Orion Vs have. The rear doors are push bar operated, unlike the 1991 Orion Vs which are treadle operated. Photos here show how many of the units appear after they got rebuilt, though there are a few photos showing some units before rebuild.

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