TTC 1995-2001 Bombardier Inc. T-1 - #5000-#5371
This section contains some photos of TTC's 1995-2001 Bombardier T1 subway cars. These cars are numbered between 5000-5371. This type of subway car can be found on all subway lines: the Yonge-University-Spadina subway line, Bloor-Danforth line, and the Sheppard line. The YUS and BD lines use 6-car configuration trains, while the Sheppard line uses 4-car configuration trains. The T1s are split between all subway yards: Wilson, Davisville, and Greenwood. Greenwood, which services the BD line, houses the older/earlier T1s, while Wilson and Davisville, which service the YUS and Sheppard lines, house the newer/more recent T1s. In comparison to the previous subway cars, the T1s feature wider doors and accessible wheelchair/scooter positions (1 per car).

Info provided by CPTDB Wiki.

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