Cupcakes of Catan
"What is Cupcakes of Catan?" you ask.

Well, my friend, Cupcakes of Catan is a a totally edible, fully functioning, utterly playable, all vegan, mostly organic, completely cupcake version of the original boardgame, Settlers of Catan. If you've never seen or played Settlers of Catan, this whole operation may seem mystifying. In fact, even if you have played Settlers you may be confused by this all-cupcake version of the game. Why would anyone create such a thing? Let me tell you:

One: Cupcakes are fun.

Two: Settlers of Catan is fun.

Three: CupcakesxSettlers of Catan=more fun.

Four: Wacky creative projects are fun (especially over the holidays when 8 hours of working can be replaced with 8 hours of baking and decorating).

Five: (CupcakesxCatan)(WackyxCreative) get the idea.

Six: There was a Settlers of Catan food contest challenging people to create a Catan themed dish. We took that challenge to the next level and devised a 73 cupcake version of Settlers of Catan, thus transforming the game into CUPCAKES OF CATAN.



The results are in for the Catan Food Contest and I must report that Cupcakes of Catan did not win. At all. Nothing. Nada. Not even third.

*sad face*

The Winning Entries
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