APT6 | DAMP | Untitled 2007
EXHIBITION WEBSITE | www.qag.qld.gov.au/apt6
ARTIST TALK | www.youtube.com/queenslandartgallery#p/u/16/fSCj7BlkGlc

Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT6), 5 December 2009 - 5 April 2010, Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Brisbane, Australia | DAMP, established 1995, Melbourne, Australia | Untitled 2007 | Mixed media | Site specific work for APT6 | Courtesy: The artists and Uplands Gallery, Melbourne | DAMP is a collective with 12 current members: Dan Cass, Rob Creedon, Narelle Desmond, Sam George, Sharon Goodwin, Ry Haskings, Deb Kunda, James Lynch, Dan Moynihan, Lisa Radford, Nat Thomas and Kylie Wilkinson. Membership has been fluid over the years, with an alumnus numbering over 70, though not all members identify themselves as artists. DAMP’s performances, actions and installations explore the potential of working collaboratively. Frequently irreverent and occasionally anarchic, DAMP’s projects are always imbued with a sense of fun. Many invite audience participation and this often involves either temporary inclusion within the collective or its diffusion into the audience, deliberately confusing the two. DAMP does not have a particular identity beyond being simply a group, and is consequently open to change and external influence. The collective’s work remains cohesive, however, and continues to manifest playful engagement with the complex relationships between contemporary art and its audience.
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