Is conceptualized by Giuseppe Stampone, in order to create awareness on the correct use of water resources, in collaboration with Solstizio. Watercolors was tested for the first time in 2006 in the province of Teramo, involving 80 school institutes of 40 towns and 10.000 schoolboys. Then, in Umbria with the participation of the local primary schools. The photographic posters, which are the final outcome of the interaction between the schoolboys and the artist, will be given to the ONG ProgettoMondo MLAL, which will in turn manage the sales and the investment of the proceeds on specific projects in the areas where it work. Hence, attesting the participation of every child in the support of social initiatives.
The intervention is a winner of the European Union project “Art&Earth” (increasing the European public opinion on consciousness about problems of development), proposed by Solstizio and ProgettoMondo MLAL – leader City of Vicenza – building a partnership oriented towards the expansion in European (Polonia and Croatia) and African territorial contexts. In 2011 a public relational event by Giuseppe Stampone in Czestochowa (Poland), Osjiek (Croatia) and Vicenza (Italy) on the topic of the right to food and water for the whole planet is being held. The event is taking place in public spaces that are particularly representative of each city, made available by the city council.
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