Has been conceived by Maria Crispal as a creative space in which to socialize and to confront culture complexity, different languages and worldwide issues. Through the study of the body and the elaboration of the self-image the participants will deepen aspects linked to their personalities and to their unique way to see the world. An original way to enter in the contemporary imaginary and the magic that surrounds our life. The people are responsible for creating and representing graphically their logo-slogans dedicated to our Planet. The logo-slogans will be showed during a photographic performance in which the body becomes the triumphal pole hoisting the flag of thoughts, and the expressive face standing out in the foreground becomes the icon of the power of ideas: the Human Flags!
The Project is cofinanced by European Project We are the Planet (“Non State Actors and Local Authorities in the Development” programme of European Commission Development and Cooperation General Direction”) whit the support of the University of Teramo. We are the planet! is promoted by the Province of Teramo and designed bySolstizio Project in cooperation with ProgettoMondo MLAL. Other partners are: the Province of Avila (Spain), the Municipality of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and the Municipality of Strovolos (Cyprus); the Regional Development Agency of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Actions et Développement Association operating in Burkina Faso and Benin are associated partners. “We are the planet!” applies the experimentation of an innovative model of didactic-artistic intervention to support the environmental education and the sustainable development on the 7th Millenium Development Goal of the United Nations. Between the principal project’s activities, the creation of four Didactic Centres (Neodimensional Space) in each partner country. Furthermore Children Museums will be realized in the protected areas or in particular places with temporary artistic installations to present materials realized by the students during the laboratories. Ecoslogong develops in the network through a blog and the social media, interacting with other projects and actions, in order to collect, communicate, and make aware, by reaching different places in the world.
The main aspect is the connection with the artist Maria Crispal, whose image represents the Big Mother who creates the new world. During her performances, Maria Crispal will sing the people’s logo-slogans in all languages: the ecoslogongs (eco=ecology, economy, echo of the people slogong= slogan+song/gong).
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