Architecture of Intelligence
Is born from the commixture between the vision of Derrick de Kerckhove and Giuseppe Stampone‘s artistic experimentations with the neo-dimensional experiences of Solstizio. Its first form was contained in some works by the artist (To Flavio), as a infiltration process between physical and liquid worlds, through the use of social networks and three-dimensional worlds such as Second Life. Today, it manifests itself through a cyber-park, a public park, connected through free wireless that wants to be the counterpart of a brain-frame, in which the “north” and the “south” of the world are linked together. At its base, a map of the world has been drawn that at its center hosts a well where a screen is connected with other cyber-parks scattered around the rest of the world on streaming.
The core of the work/project by Giuseppe Stampone (co-financed by European Union within the programme Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development) is to make this relationship visible and able to fruition, to bring into the light the community of networks and of those who are passing through by chance and are leaning over the well or watching a screen. All the installations will be reproduced in Second Life on an interactive map communicating with the social networks and the Solstizio platform, which will present another level of experience again, by enriching with new contents all the project structure. The inhabitants, the schoolboys, those who will pass by, will be able to meet each other, as well as dialogue and create forms of wide participation, where the individuals will be able to speak the languages of the networks (video clips, pictures, music and texts) and to connect.
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