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MONUMENTAL GHOSTLY HEIGHTS (Exhibition View) | by Bradford Kessler
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7.31.10 - 9.19.10


Bradford Kessler, born in Kansas USA, 1982, currently lives and works in Beijing. Born and raised on the white bread of America, filled with dreams of Disneyland and rapid-flash images of cartoons and television, he finds himself immersed in China's nascent art community. Kessler's approach to creating art work is based on transmitting conceptual ideas. He creates art objects, projects and videos referencing conspiracy, movies, drugs, suicide and philosophy, which attempt to explain a kind of mythology of his generation. Art is meant to be shared, it is an experience. An art work itself is a language, it is a means of communication. Through the concepts of his works, Kessler introduces a new language, diction, syntax to Beijing's art community, which is exactly what constitutes the raw creative environment that defines the evolving character of Beijing.


Kessler describes his inspiration for "Monumental Ghostly Heights" as a process of gathering information and visual ideas all related to incidents of dreaming and escape, both real and metaphysical. The artworks, better described as objects or products, displayed are mere byproducts or selected physical realizations of a thousand fleeting thoughts, images, questions and inspirational moments. Consisting of blueprints splattered with bat blood, his "K(O) Phasor Safari Series" of pretend B-Flick movie posters recreate tranquilized visions of technological horror and mass parapsychological events. "Projectiles for Riding a Single Etermal Wave" is a set of abstract fiberglass sculptures coated in surfwax which are modeled from the molecular structure of cyanide and project from his futuristic replica of the portable M29 'Davy Crockett' nuclear weapon system tested by the American military during the Korean War. Kessler imagines these over sized cyanide molecules as props like the giant tarantulas wreaking havoc over chaotic crowds of a 1950's Sci-Fi Horror movie. His research refers to the prophetic visions and suicide missions of the UFO cult Heaven's Gate and the Utopian People's Temple. An underlying thread of his works is the desire to escape humanness and discover what Walt Disney would call a "magic kingdom." This search of a dream and the suspension of disbelief that supports it are evidence of a generation attempting to define and maintain their eternal youth. Kessler represents a generation of young artists rapidly surfing the internet, unafraid of pioneering new conceptual territories, and willing to dramatically expose themselves in the name of expression and creativity.


博凯(Bradford Kessler),28岁, 是生于美国堪萨斯州而现住北京的职业艺术家。吃着美国的白面包长大,对迪斯尼乐园,电视和快速闪现的卡通形象充满梦想,他现在发现自己已经沉湎于中国新兴的艺术团体。 博凯进行艺术创造的方针是传达概念性的想法。他所创作的作品中频频出现关于阴谋、毒品、邪教自杀和哲学符号,试图解释美国80后的神话。艺术的体验应该分享。艺术品本身是一种语言,是一种交流的方式。博凯通其作品中的概念性描绘,为北京的艺术社区引入了一种新的语言,措辞,语法,这恰恰是构成北京原创的不断进化的环境特征的最好定义。


博凯逐字逐句的讲解着他的梦想。从他收集与梦与逃避相关的信息、视觉观点事件,真实的或是形而上学的来讲述他的展览的灵感来源。艺术品,被更好的描述作物体或者产品,仅仅是通过被选定的副产品来展现那成千上万的转瞬即逝的想法、图像、困惑还有那些有灵感的瞬间。他《K(O) Phasor狩猎之旅》的海报系列作品是在药物引起的经验后重现虚幻的假想。〈永恒冲浪大炮〉系列是便携式核武器系统,但是炮弹泽变成了钠氢份子。他的研究是指天堂之门的集体自杀和先知远见以及人民圣殿教的乌托邦理想。他的作品当中其中一个常见的含义是希望摆脱现实而进入沃尔特-迪斯尼先生的“神奇王国”。梦想的寻找是这一代人试图确定他们的自我生成的证据。博凯代表的是一代频频上网,不停地在新领域的开拓艺术灵感的来源。他们并迫切用表达和创造力来释放自己。

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