Moving day 15 October 2012
15 October 2012 - after 2+ years of utter stress with quakes, EQC and insurance companies, mum and dad finally get to move.

They 'built' one of the first homes in Niven Street - number 11, Avondale in 1964 and we moved in to it that Christmas - I was 2 years old. It's seen laughter and tears, weddings, births and deaths in the family.
Now they are the last to move out of the red zoned section of the street. They have seen the full circle after nearly 50 years there.

The house could have possibly been a repair although expensive and the brickwork might have ruled that out. The floors also were rumpty due to the house being on piles and the ground subsiding underneath. During some of the quakes shortly after the Feb 11th major when i was staying there, you could hear the nails in the wood twisting and it sounded like the house screaming - spooked the hell out of me especially in the middle of the night. They got massive amounts of liquefaction with every quake. Photos in other sets on my flickr.

Also showing other snaps I took on the day of houses surrounding my parents place.

My Uncle Harold's construction business [he is my mothers sisters husband] erected the house. He's now seeing the houses being torn down. For photos taken when the house was first built, see also:
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