outdoor, wood-burning, masonry bread oven
There is no escaping the "mother of all projects"... so I am trying to embrace it and share with you the details. Began, uh, August 2009...
completed (to be determined)

what is it? still a mystery as of September 2009...

By now (October 2009) I think you know this is a traditional outdoor oven for baking bread, pizza, etc. it is a wood-burning, internal- combustion, masonry oven. We are hoping to use natural stone as much as possible in the project.
The inner chamber (hearth) is firebrick.

We have benefited from some generous masons (brick & stone layers) who have offered their advice, suggestions and encouragement.

The potter at Fox Pass Pottery was very encouraging and generous with his advice, also.

We are following plans (loosely) of Dan Wing & Alan Scott as outlined in "The Bread Builders" and "Rado" at traditional oven-- www.traditionaloven.com/

Well, finishing this up by late May, early June of 2010. had to solve what to use for roof over back of oven (porcelain flooring tile attached to cement board) and chimney cap (two slabs, drilled & mortared into place at corners & mortared from a center ridge of cut stone at center w/ slight angle to outside to shed water).
NOW, have to learn to cook with it. The adventure continues.
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