email tips

Email Tips

1. A variation of the Platinum Rule: Send email others would like to receive.

2. Instead of forwarding third-party news via email, post it on your blog or a relevant forum that welcomes such news. Remember to cite your source!

3. Do not add anyone to a mailing list without their consent.

4. Do not forward chain letters or petitions. They have no effect beyond annoying the recipient.

5. The best attachment is usually no attachment. If you wish to send an attachment, ask first.

6. State it clearly in your email if you are requesting a response or a specific action.

7. Learn the difference between CC and BCC and do not CC more than a handful of colleagues who know each other. Protect the privacy of your correspondents and their email addresses.


8. Participate in public online forums that do not show your email unless it is with your permission.

9. Be generous. Support the websites you would like to consult next week.

10. When possible, do not send email. Call, visit, flickr or blog.
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