Radish Night in Oaxaca, México
Oaxaca - Come for the rábanos, stay for the totomoxtle!

Noche de Rábanos (Radish Night) is one of the most unique folk art festivals in the world and takes place every December 23rd.

Featured here are pics from the past few years (2003-2013). When possible, the name of the carver and title is included.

FYI - As of December 21, 2006 this album (photoset) had been viewed more than 6,000 times, making this one of our most popular collection of photos. On December 22 - thanks to a link from Yahoo Spark - the number of views climbed to 12,000. And the number continues to climb as this has become my most viewed album.

Dec 2007 - 21,000 views
Dec 2008 - 27,000 views
Dec 2009 - 32,000 views
Dec 2010 - 35,000 views
Dec 2011 - 38,000 views
Dec 2012 - 40,000 views


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