Herring ice cream
(For the herring ice cream recipe, check out my blog Tummyrumble.)

Yesterday a question on Twitter caught my name. "I wonder if the Swedes do herring ice cream", @HERMANOPRIMERO asked.

My spontaneous response was "Of course not, that sounds absolutely revolting!"

However, as I googled it, I found to my great surprise that we do...

"Sillglass", is the Swedish word. Recipe calls for herring of the matje variety (a preservation method, "soused" in English) to be blended with bacon, onion, chives, dill and creme fraiche to a sort of pate and then left in the freezer overnight.

Of course I had to try.

Now setting in freezer after having filled my flat with the amazing scent of matje-herring and bacon.

Will serve garnished with chives, beautiful orange cod roe, boiled new potatoes and a few whole pieces of matje-herring to get the pure flavour and the lovely texture of the fish.

Since I missed out on midsummer this eve I will also throw a whole range of Swedish schnaps into the mix. Amazing what you can find at the back of kitchen cupboards...

For the herring ice cream recipe, check out my blog Tummyrumble.
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