Whitecap Mountain, Bendor Range 2918m (9573 ft)
Whitecap Mountain 2006
After last years Mission with Jack in June where we basically climbed the mountain with Ski boots in dirt, I was determined to Board the 4000 ft south face chutes. The Hurley was plowed on Thursday so it was the first real possibility of the year to acess the mountain. My concern was getting to 1377m with the truck around 20km up the Kingdom FSR from Pioneer Mine. Everything was going well until we hit a huge amount of ice, broken trees, and debris at 17 km on the road. An avalanche recently took out the road. I put the Toyota in 4 low and pinned it over the slide path. We made it as far up the old McGillivray pass trail with the truck as I was comfortable with. Zdenek and I only had 45 min of walking on dirt until we were skinning and another hour until we set up camp at 1850 m in McGillivray Pass. With a few more hours left in the day we skied Standard ridge from the top back to camp. Day two we set out early, gained McGillivray Ridge at around 2300 m and skied down to the head of Connel creek to the base of Whitecap. The ascent took 4.5 hours of skinning with a short 200m bootpack. The top 350m of the mountain was being pounded with a heavy storm and at least 100km per hour winds so we decided to leave the board and skis at 2700m. After 5 attempts I finally got to board the 45 deg. south chutes of Whitecap and it didnt let us down. The day was a full 12 hours tent to tent with 2671m of Elevation gain and descent. Monday morning we headed back to the truck for a beer by noon.
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