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Week 4 of 52: Rainbow Explosion | by Lady Pandacat
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Week 4 of 52: Rainbow Explosion

For The Rogue Players "One Eyed Jack"


here please ;)


How could I not play today when it requires an eye shot? :D And I know, this is a little...odd, looking, but I just really wanted to play with my face, nothing to take seriously at all and I'm counting this as part of my 52 weeks in case I don't find another chance for a photo this week.


I really want to do this again too, but with more jagged lines and as a mask over my eyes.


**And as for my usual update, still no news on getting a house which of course blows big donkey. We're still looking though and hoping for a little magic to come our way.


I also murdered my cell phone :( Being the ever so brilliant panda that I am, I tossed my jeans into the wash and forgot my phone was in one of the pockets. By the time I remembered and got the phone back, it was too late and none of the tricks worked. It was too damaged by hot water and soap. Anthony and I working on getting me a new one this week though so hopefully soon I can stalk my Twitter ninjas much more easily again ;)


Also, I want to say something about my Twitter, a few people have gotten mad when I don't follow them back, but I just want to tell you this "Get over it!" I'm not on Twitter to network. I don't care to. Twitter is my place to be strange, dirty and twisted. Sometimes I'll spend an hour Tweeting about makeup and another hour Tweeting about something really random and perverted with my girls and guy, it's just how it is. So no one should take it to heart if I don't follow back, it's only there for me to screw around on and let off some steam. I follow friends and people I like, if I know you and like you, odds are I'll follow you, otherwise pffffffft to you.**


/end transmission


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Taken on June 15, 2009