Chamomile Tea Party Posters - All
"The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress."
                                        Joseph Joubert

Tired of the rancor between the political left and right, I formed the Chamomile Tea Party to comment on the sorry state of American political discourse. When party politics, character assassination, and rhetoric take precedence over the good of the country and its people it's time to say enough is enough!

Here are the Chamomile Tea Party posters calling for change in our country. They are based on old propaganda posters from World War II, appropriated for the present political climate. Feel free to download the larger copies and pass them around.

Take a look at our ad campaign in the Washington, DC Metro.

For more information go to You may download high resolution images for free here or there are other options.

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Interview in The Urban Times about the genesis of this work.

Buy some swag in our new and updated shop: By popular demand some of these posters now available on t-shirts and other swag. And as a start to what will definitely be a tumultuous political year, let's try to keep our angst undercover with these "I'm trying to keep the WTF inside me" shirts. Available in three styles: t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, and hoodie

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